We help people with new ideas to shape them, and to check their content, feasibility and economic and technical sustainability. According to a recent survey by the Bocconi Business School, Italy is one of the countries with the highest percentage of entrepreneurship among its active population. This is precisely where we intend to move, act, and find new ideas, initiatives and creative solutions that would otherwise remain on paper.

Thanks to the experience of our Professionals, Diktu is a Lab that can support the growth of good ideas and start-up initiatives, assisting young entrepreneurs from developing their ideas to seeking the financing they need to implement them. Because helping turn dreams into reality isn't just our business, it's our Passion.

- Proposals for start-up initiatives to be examined and developed jointly with entrepreneurs
- Technical and economic feasibility studies for various start-up solutions
- Search for subsidies to support and develop new businesses
- Business Plans, sharing risk